How do you make a particle system component affect another bp?

I have a demon enemy. He breaks fire let’s say.
I activate a particle system during a certain animation to fake the breaking fire.

I have a damage variable I turn on and off in the player BP if he takes damage. It seems a particle system component won’t let you set collision.

How would off go about having this particle system component collide with the player to cause damage?

If this isn’t possible, does anyone have an idea how I can cause some sort of damage with a particle somehow?

Have a BP volume, like box or sphere, or a custom invisible mesh, depending on your required accuracy with the general shape of the particle emitter, spawn with your particle emitter. You can use overlap events with it to handle any damage or interactions you need.

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Ok…That’s actually what I’m doing…
I was hoping there was a cleaner way…considering the fire breath is constantly moving. Thank you.