how do you make a one shot particle effect?

how do you make a one shot particle effect? I just want my particle system to burst out a few sparks and then stop forever. I’m guessing this has been answered but my google skill must be low. I’m sure for anyone else it will be the first thing that pops up as they do a search but I can’t find it.

Use the ‘burst list’ within a module’s spawn settings, and make sure its loops is set to 1 instead of 0 (0 will loop forever, 1 will fire once). Then, when spawning in the particle system itself from Blueprint via some event or trigger, check the ‘auto destroy’ box in the spawn node, and the particle system will destroy itself once the particle burst is finished.

thanks! I’m having trouble finding the looping options though. Where is that at?

Basically you want the effect to be burst, rather than constant. To do that:

Click on the effect, then on Spawn, and then in the details page:

  1. Go into Rate → Distribution → Constant and set that to 0
  2. Go into Burst → Burst List → Click on the + to add an element → set count to something in the few hundreds

Now go back to the emitter, click in required, then go to the details panel, under duration → emitter loops, and set that to 1.

Done. Let me know if that worked. This tutorial can help as well:
(Watch from minute 8:20, for some 5-10 minutes)

Hope this helps.

Emitter - Required - Duration - Loop - Emitter Loops: