How do you make a collision move?

How do you make a collision move? for example I want a wall in which my character collides to move towards my character?

Any help?

Is the wall geometry or a static mesh / actor? If it’s geometry created using a bsp i don’t think you can move it, but if it’s a static mesh or an actor you can make it move towards your character. There are many ways to do that so i would need more info about that. Is it a wall that just goes on one axis, is it something that follows the player around?

Take a look at the attached picture.

It is a wall which is currently static. I am trying to make sure the 3 walls move towards the character.

I am however unsure whether it is a geometry or an actor.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, I shall try it out,

Do they go back? Or you just want them to keep going forward? Are you using Paper2D to create the walls? I haven’t used Paper2D, but you can try to use something like this.