How do you integrate a story into your game?

Hey guys, I’m really interested in creating a game in Unreal, I just need to find out quickly, how do you make your game follow a sequence? And how do you create your map and bring the story together? My guess is that you create your resources like your map, cars, characters, etc. first. Then you go back and program the sequence into it, is that right? If not, please tell me how you get the game moving in a sequence with cutsences, etc.

All advice will be greatly appreciated
Thank you

  1. build your assets
  2. import everything and set up the scene
  3. create the cutscene -> :slight_smile:

Thanks, and can you also import from other Unreal projects? Like if I build the map in one project, can I save it and program when doors will open, when lights will come on, etc and then import that whole project with the code into my main game project and then import my models and then start making cutscenes and everything?

Well, it really depends on what you mean.

Do you mean how do you create a map for your game or what are good ways to deliver a story through the map?

~ Jason

No, I don’t mean tell the story through the map, I mean can you create the map in a separate project in UE4 and then import that project and use it for the game? Or do you have to design the world and make the story in one project the whole way? It’s hard to explain. Can you have two projects, one with just the map and level blueprints and then import the map into the second project and then make the story in the second project after importing the map into the second project?

Yes, you can use assets in all your UE4 projects -> just use the migration tool and make sure that the projects are using the same engine version

When you mean it like in your last post -> take a look at level streaming :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have a lot to learn

The story should (ideally) precede the game. How could you possibly know what you need to build if you don’t know what the game is about? As far as how it should work, well, just like a movie. The only difference is that in a movie the main character walks past one door to enter another. In a game you need to plan for what’s behind every door as the main character may enter them all.

It’s not a story driven game, cutscenes just give the player more info

Not exactly a fan of the cut scene approach, at least, for the genre’s of games I typically play. For story, I tend to go with the “listen to npc’s talk, read things, the story is as deep as you want to play” type of strategy.

Great idea especially for the game I wanna make, thanks for your input! That will really help me!

I may have misinterpreted something from your previous post, but I would like to inquire about your work flow.

What exactly are you using the second project for? What exactly do you mean by creating a story in one and maps in another?

~ Jason

I wanted to create the map in a project to begin with, so I would have 1 project, then I was going to save the map and in another project, I would import them map and start the actual story programming and stuff so the map would always be a separate file so I can’t mess it up when I tinker with the other stuff


So you wanted a backup just in case you don’t like something you do?

I see. I see.

Makes sense.

Though it may be easier to just duplicate the map in one project, but if your way works don’t change it.

~ Jason

I agree.

The process seems unecessarily tedious.

Maybe just use one project and have backup map files.

Again though, if it works for you forget everything I said.

~ Jason

True, thanks for that, I never thought of that! Haha

Thanks, I never thought about that, that’s a great idea

My pleasure.

Let me know if you need anything else.

~ Jason

You may want to look into external project management/story tools as well. It might be easier to flesh out ideas and progression not directly within the UE and rather create everything you need outside of it. It’s a more linear and independent approach that doesn’t conflict with the actual game files/assets.

Check out this thread for some great overview: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?60703-Project-Management-Integration-with-UE4

Thanks for your help, I’ll be sure to check out that link