How Do You Go About Planning A Poly And Material Budget..?

I’m currently building and texturing my models for a VR game but am conscious about not having too many polys and too many Materials to tank my framerate. But how many is too many…? My modular corridor pieces are less than 700 polys and most of my props are less than 400 polys with some being 500-800 polys.

So how many is too many…? At which point will my game start to drop frames on a minimum spec PC for the Oculus Rift…?

I just thought I’d save some time optimising and will be able to design my levels better if I have some sort of idea what sort of resources I have to play with on a minimum spec machine.

I’ve started to do my textures now and 1K textures are looking pretty good so far, are these going to be too big? Or will I be able to boost them up to 2K…?

Just in case it makes any difference my game is going to be a first person survival horror game.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice. :smiley:

why not to try, just test it?
is hard to tell if not. I could spawn about 40 spheres in front of the camera with physics disabled (that model that is included with the engine) and just then fps starts to drop. I think that sphere is about few thousand polys.
But even low poly objects could give you low fps if there are too many at the same time (draw calls), so you should merge them or make instances.

Best approach is to create assets with relatively high density and resolution.

Then benchmark as you prototype on lower power machines.

At this point you can start looking at creating lower poly/ lower density assets. You can also look at other optimization techniques such as HLOD, Instancing, Occlusion Queries, etc…

The problem with trying to design lowest common denominator assets out of the gate is it is har to increase their quality.

In other words, it is much easier to create a low poly mesh from a high poly mesh than vie a versa.

Texture resolution is not so important imo, of course it depends on the model but so far 1k seems fine thanks to VR image blurriness.

Okay, thanks a lot everyone. I reckon I’m going to go for 1K textures for now and maybe up that to 2K via an option in the menu for Graphics Settings.

My game is going to be Rift exclusive so if frames start to drop I’ll have the advantage of ASW kicking in to keep things smooth. Thanks again :smiley: