How do you get Niagara's Orientation in Material Editor?

I was making an icicle shader which use World Displacement like below, and planing to make a icicle blast effects from it later on.

However, I encountered two problems - the first one is that now the displacement is in world space and it will mess up when rotating the mesh. I tried to transform it into object space by using Transform Position node but it doesn’t support World Displacement. The second problem is that I need the mesh orientation from Niagara so that I can transform the displacement accordingly.
So my two question would be

  1. How do you transform displacement texture into object space?
  2. and how do you get Niagara’s mesh orientation in material editor?

I feel like there is an easier way. If you have any thoughts please let me know!

You can see the displacement starts broken when it the mesh rotates.
Here’s my material for your reference.