How do you get a material to automatically stretch to fill/fit a surface?

Hello -

I am using Unreal 4.7.6 and am learning the program through Chris Jennings’ Digital Tutors tutorial “Creating an Interior Walkthrough.”

The part that isn’t working on my end is the ability to create a material and then when applying it to a surface/plane have the material automatically take up the entire surface without tiling or being off center. Chris Jennings does this twice in his tutorial, yet when attempting this myself in my own project (trying to put graphics on a door or a wall) the material just tiles itself. Using Texture Coordinate I can control the size that the material tiles as, but not how the texture map is positioned. And I know there must be some way to apply a material to a surface and have it automatically “fit,” take up the entire surface, without messing around with TexCoord.

Please advise! Thanks!