How do you find the Quest 2 mesh in the VR Template

I watched the 3 hour overview from September (Great stuff!).

At 1:29 the video showed to type “v3” in the mesh search field and the Quest 2 mesh showed up.

This is where the Quest 2 mesh was added underneath the grab component as a child actor (visibility turned off).

Nothing appears when I type in “v3” nor do I see any controller meshes anywhere in the project. Is it hidden in a folder elsewhere?

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Make sure you have the OpenXR plugin enabled, and both Engine Content and Plugin Content selected in the view options. The controller meshes are located under OpenXR Content.

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you can always get it via official website in dev section

I have Open XR plug in enabled.

Where do I find “View Options”?

Is that in “Editor Preferences” or “Project Settings”?

Thank you!

it’s the button in the bottom right corner of the asset browser.


Got it. Thank you!

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