How do you create a session when one isn't found


So i have tried to create a session when one isn’t found, however it doesnt create a session. I have tried multiple ways but none of them work. The code i am using is attached. If you know any ways please reply.


Hi Zαckyyy, have you put breakpoints in your blueprint to be sure “Open Level” node is executed? and have you checked the output logs for errors and warnings?

Are you using Steam Online Subsystem with SteamDevAppId=480 ?

Ok, then I’m not sure why a session is found in this case… Can you tell me if the “Join Session” node succeeds or fails ?

hi, i have looked at the breakpoints and it goes to success when it should go to false because there isn’t a session. and the output log didn’t say anything

no,this is what i have:


It just fails

Then I guess a (dirty) workaround would be to connect the OnFailure pin of the “Join Session” node to the input pin of the “Create Session” node. Does that work?

yes, however other users cant join their server now, and i need them to as im making a battle royale