How do you approach beam particle's async tick problem in 4.23 in a VR Project? Workarounds?

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First time posting something here, so bear with me.

Because I am forced to use 4.22+ for Automatic LODs on Skel Meshes for optimization purposes, I am in front of a very difficult problem.

I need to create a beam lightning VFX with Cascade Particles System, (Can’t use Niagara because of no support of Instanced Stereo just yet). No ASYNC TICK as far as I know forbids random instances being generated, So I only get a single beam, no matter How I approach that. What are known or recommended workarounds for the issue, because this has been a hanging blade over me the last couple of weeks.

I tried a workaround with doing just material offsetting for the wobbling lightning, but I still can’t make use of it, because beam particles run on one thread and no randomization is possible (I suppose? Not a programmer)

Thanks in advance, would love to have a UE4 Team Member to respond, because many people face this problem, and we don’t have a workaround I know of just yet (couldn’t find it on forums). Waiting for 4.25 is also not an option.

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Looking forward to some feedback on this.

Hi ShpillieHD, Have you found a solution for this issue?

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