How do you add Splines to the Scene?

Hi is there anyway to add Splines to the scene? I suppose this is in Matinee somewhere? Ultimately, I’d like to add a spline to the scene and have an actor follow along that spline

I have an idea how to do this in C++. Problem is I cannot figure out how to add a spline to the world to begin with.

Programmer fail :frowning:

Do you mean a landscape spline? https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/Editing/Splines/index.html

Thanks I was hoping I could add a Spline to the scene directly. Looks like I have to code something custom though so started down that route. Was just making sure I wasn’t reinventing the wheel, adding something that I might have missed

We have generic spline components in Fortnite. I hope that makes it into the public build soon. No promises… That said, you do have one kind of spline outside of landscape and that is the spline deformation material function. It uses catmulrom splines and gets you tangents too. You supply 4 points(two of them are tangent points) and leapfrog between the points based on some index like UVs. I have used that to make my own spline tools for waterfalls and rivers. another artist used them to make a smoke monster 100% in blueprint. you can even construct a spline of other perpendicular splines to build a flat spline grid mesh to conform a plane. First do some research on using catmulrom splines, if you feel you want to tackle an implementation I can help.

We often have to make cars and trains follow very precise splines that we model in 3Dsmax. I would like to see some ability to import spline paths to animate objects along.

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That is correct, we are adding code to allow for component-specific in-level editing widgets, so you can add a SplineComponent to your BP, place the BP in the level, and edit the spline.

I too would like to see more non-landscape oriented spline support in BP!

news about?

yes please.

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You may want to check out our Engine News from 6/11 where we detail Splines usages through Blueprints!


uopsss :o, fantastic, thanks, i put engine news in my bookmarks!

We have these that go out weekly (tentatively of course) and they can be found in the “Engine Source & GitHub” section of the forums. :slight_smile:

Glad you like it!