How do you add sound to a function? Using c++

You can do something like this:

// try and play the sound if specified
			if (def->FireSound)
				UGameplayStatics::PlaySoundAtLocation(pWorld, def->FireSound, SpawnLocation);

You should replace pWorld by GetWorld() and SpawnLocation by the location you want, weapon muzzle for instance

I might be just terrible at googling around, but I mostly only found examples from older versions that don’t seem to work the same anymore.
So I have my sound file, and I want to apply it to my Fire(), so when the user fires, the sound plays. Do I have to turn the sound wave into a Que first? And are there any good step by step tutorials showing how to then set it up in your code that I may have missed?

Surely this is a unusual way? Should you not just be able to play the sound on shooting. Not have to spawn it in?

I don’t think i’m getting your point. You also have PlaySound2D which takes a world context and a sound.

Everything depends on your needs. Indeed you can use an audio component but this requires setting up your character with another component which is not complex but still more than a 1 line of code.

Well for example I tried using UAudioComponent, and following How do i play a sound UAudioComponent? - Audio - Epic Developer Community Forums As I imagined it would be similar to that?

Sorry it works now. Is it possible to see an example? As I’m guessing there is a reason people do it that way?