How do people learn to use RHI commands?

Hello there,

I’m slowly going through the Graphics Programming material in the Unreal Documentation and I’m having a hard time learning how to use RHICommandList for rendering things. I feel like it’s really hard for me to know how folks get up to a beginner level of understanding of the unreal graphics programming. What I’d love to know in this discussion is what other folks might have done to progress to an intermediate level of c++ graphics programming ability. Did you mostly read source code? Find other people’s blog posts covering scraps of information that you stitched together? Read a published book by an author who specializes in this? Thanks for any info provided!

Hey, welcome to the struggle.

Like you said, there is zero documentation, I have been using UE for a long while and over all those years I never ‘ever’ had a single answer to any RHI related question I asked here in the forums, even in UDN I commonly get guidance, but no direct answers.

My advice is simple, read source code, you should start with post processing, since those are declared as global shaders without any bind to more complicated system. you should be able to understand vertex, pixel and compute shader just with that. The plugin that helped me the most is the GPULightmass plugin, it basically has examples for everything, raytracing, render material shaders, etc.

but if you don’t have experience on opengl or directx previously, it will be near to impossible to learn, well at least difficult.