How do object libraries work in the blueprint sense?

I read in the documentation that Object libraries can be used to collect all assets of a type in a folder/path and sort them etc. Is this only something you can do with C++ because I can’t work it out. Is there some kind of trigger which I can’t find to do this?

In my situation i’ve got a folder full of imported textures (about 70 of them) which I want to import into an array, sort them by the filename(which I can do) and apply them to a dynamic texture(which I can also do).

At the moment i’ve defined an array (a custom struct actually) - which i’ve been laboriously adding each texture to one after the next in the defaults setting. This is a boring way of doing this.

So - can I first; automagically collect all of these textures in an Object Library (or any other structure for that matter), then access them using an array? Or is this all just C++ stuff - which i’m scared of.

Thanks for the help, and great work with UE4 so far.


I’d like to know this as well.

let me know too

Yep I need the exact same thing for lots of textures.
Please help.

I looked into the C++ code for the Object library, i.e the UObjectLibrary.h … There seems to be a function called LoadAssetsFromPath, that does exactly what you want. Unfortunately though, I don’t think it is exposed to the blueprint. It might be trivial task to expose the function to blueprint, but I am not entirely sure as I don’t have my work computer on me right now. Sorry!