How do I work with specular and normal maps on a separate material than albedo?


I’m working with a large amount of models and textures (which I didn’t author myself). It seems that there are two UV channels for different material maps that apply to the same mesh location despite there being only one UV channel. So I’m forced to have two different materials for maps that should be together (albedo as one material, spec/normal/AO as another). When I try to apply the albedo and other maps together they do not work because the UVs are different.

Is there a way that I can have these two separate materials working together in order to create the proper effect of these materials working together?


Thanks redbox, but the mesh only has one UV channel on it.

if your mesh have 2 uv channels, and albedo should use 1st channel, and normal map should use 2nd channel - you must simply add TextureCoordinate nodes to every texture node, and set appropriate CoordinateIndex in texcoord nodes (0 for 1st channel, 1 for 2nd)