How do I use Unreal ATOS to apply symbols to my crash logs from ipad?

Hey there, I’ve been unable to debug crashes on my ipad for quite some time whenever there is a blueprint related crash. This results in my debug log being cut off midline without a stacktrace. But I do consistently have the ipad logs of what crashed. Unfortunately this seems to be stripped of symbols, and I cannot figure out how to actually use the UnrealATOS provided within the program directory of the source code. There also does not seem to be any documentation on how to use this tool either. The command line operation that I’ve been attempting to use is as follows:

/Users/macone/Unreal/Engine/Binaries/Mac/UnrealAtoS -s 0x4000 /Users/macone/Desktop/newAttempt/StableTytoDome -d /Users/macone/Desktop/newAttempt/ -l 0x4000 0x00716dd6

I may be misunderstanding what I need to put into the UnrealATOS tool to actually get symbols out, so some guidance on how to actually use this tool and what files I need as a prerequisite would be fantastic.

What the crash logs look like

UnrealAtoS is a helper tool for the Mac Editor and Crash Report Client. I don’t expect developers to use it directly.

For iOS applications like yours, where you have the dSYM for the build you can use Xcode’s Organiser or the embedded ‘symbolicatecrash’ script to automatically symbolicate the whole crash log automatically. There’s a reasonable write up of these methods here:

Unfortunately, the Xcode organizer that was shown in the link hasn’t actually been in Xcode for quite some time. The xcode organizer has changed layout significantly and no longer has many of the buttons or options shown in the link to add symbols or re-symbolicate

On top of this,
(or bGenerateSYMFile=True as there was a typo in the source code in 4.8 on this area)

Fails to generate a dsym file required for the symbolicatecrash script. Is there something I’m missing to be able to generate this dsym file?

The bGeneratedSYMFile=True results in the following error when attempting to package:

[286/286] sh -c ‘/usr/bin/dsymutil “/Users/macone/ProgrammerPerforce/Dirty/ClientWork/StableTytoDome/Binaries/IOS/StableTytoDome-IOS-Shipping” -f -o “/Users/macone/ProgrammerPerforce/Dirty/ClientWork/StableTytoDome/Binaries/IOS/StableTytoDome-IOS-Shipping.dSYM”’
MainFrameActions: Packaging (iOS): mono: dsymutil(34658,0x7fff74c6d300) malloc: *** error for object 0x6100000c00e0: pointer being freed was not allocated
MainFrameActions: Packaging (iOS): mono: *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug