How do I use multiple font texture pages?

This is a problem i’ve run up against a few times but i’ve got around it by making an absolutely huge single font texture page.

The (offline) font importer happily makes multiple pages of fonts when you want to import at a large size (which I do) but it seems to confuse the font sampler in the material editor. How do I set up the material editor to use multiple font texture pages?


I’m running into this issue as well. Looks like the UV coordinates are incorrect even with a single big texture page.

I’m also running into this issue.

Some question here, any solution?

Hi, i was able to use a huge single texture page for my font - which wasn’t great - I think this method of using font’s is almost depricated being replaced with the UMG style fonts. In the end I used BLUI to create HTML pages with the text I wanted at the resolution I required. It took a while but it’s the right solution for me.

Thanks for the reply! My problem was that I increased both “Texture Page Width” and “Texture Page Max Height” in the font settings, which somehow messed up the font material. I just got it working by only increasing the page width so that the whole font fits on one texture page.

Oh, I’m falling into this issue now(UE 4.13)
Is there some solution about it? Sadly, I can’t set all my font in one texture page, if I use widget to display, I can’t set it double side T_T
Can someone deal with it?
thanks a lot

I know I’m a few years later but… Just solved this by selecting the first font page then editing its import options(Texture Page Height and Width), then just go to Asset>Reimport xxxx. After that I was able to make just one page and my material now maps it correctly.