How do I use landscape masks and painting in conjunction?

So I’ve managed to set-up landscape materials ready for painting using the layer blend nodes.
I’ve also managed to get landscape materials working with alpha masks from world machine.
They work fine by themselves but I can’t figure out how to combine the two.

How would I go about doing this?
For example get three materials working from the masks, however with the ability to paint different ones ontop without breaking the entire system.

Because as far as I see it the masking is just a form of standard UV mapping onto a terrain, however landscape painting is an entirely different ballgame.

Hello Crofty,

I think the documentation on the link below gives you some insight on how to use your alpha layer masks when painting on the landscape. If you have exhausted all your options and have tried changing your alpha brush texture, and still are stuck let me know and we can continue with further troubleshooting.

Landscape Tricks and Tips

Thank you,

I’m pretty sure he was not talking about the sculpting alpha brush, Andrew. What he’s asking is how to combine splat/flow masks with the ability to manually paint textures on the terrain. The solution: You have to create material functions for each landscape texture and blend them together using the “matblendstandard” node with a “landscape layer sample” node plugged into the alpha pin of the matblend node. When all that is done, you’re going to create layerinfo assets in your asset library and assign them to the layers section in the texture painting tab of the editor.