How do I use FStringClassReference, TAssetSubclassOf with DataTables

I’ve been trying to figure out it for quite a while right now, without any luck.

Setup that use just FStringAssetReference works fine, and looks temporally like that:

			FString usless;
			FARItemData* data = ChestItemDataTable->FindRow<FARItemData>("1", usless);
			FStringAssetReference itemCl = data->ItemBlueprint.ToStringReference();
			UBlueprint* gen = Cast<UBlueprint>(itemCl.ResolveObject());
			AARArmor* itemAc = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AARArmor>(gen->GeneratedClass, SpawnInfo);

struct FARItemData : public FTableRowBase
		: ItemBlueprint(NULL)

	UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, Category = "Item")
		TAssetSubclassOf<class AARItem> ItemBlueprint;


It loads asset and spawn proper actor.

How do I do it without FStringAssetReference ?
I tried that:

FStringClassReference itemClass;

And that:


When passign to spawn actor. The problem with FStringClassReference is it that TAssetSubclassOf, ToStringReference() return FAssetStringReference not FStringClassReference.
But regardless of then when I hardcoded path in FStringClassReference it still didn’t worked.

Any luck with this?