How do I use DrawLine-3D ?

Right now I have the 2 line points plugged into P0 and P1 but nothing is happening in the material.
Could someone help me please ?

It takes the float3 coordinate you specify as the first parameter and returns 1.0 if that coordinate is inside the 3D line defined by P0 and P1 or 0.0 if it’s outside.

Thank you for your time Manoel !
But i’m still a bit confused, i’m using it like this:

My reasoning is that feeding 2 points (P0,P1), the line between the two will be white and the rest would be black ?
What do you have to feed into the coordinate node to achieve this result ?

If you plug WorldPosition, for example, you get white on the parts of the surface that intersect the line and black elsewhere.

Thank you so much ! :slight_smile: