How do I use different parameter values in a single particle system for each particle?

Hello there!

I am trying to spawn with a single particle system, multiple mesh particles, each one with different sizes.
The size is passed by parameter from blueprint. The mesh particle is then spawned by an eventReceiverSpawn from BP too.

In the picture, those boxes should have different sizes…

The problem is that everytime I change the initial size parameter, the whole particle system changes its initial size, meaning that all the existing particle meshes CHANGE its sizes to the new parameter size (that was supposed to work for only the last emitted particle mesh)

I am asking for your help, community and developpers, as I find this issue really strange, and I can’t grasp the solution to my problem.

Thanks in advance!


thanks for your answer Mos!

If I scale the particle system and then spawn a particle mesh, as soon as I resize it to spawn another particle, the first one will resize too…

The problem seems to be that the initial size isn’t initial at all. It is not a fixed attribute set at the particle spawn, even if it’s named like it.

Yes, all the particle meshes belong to the same particle system.

I am capable of spawning by event each particle mesh in the position I want, using this node


This node allows me to set a location and velocity to the particle spawned by BP. But there ends the parameter list.

I’d like to add this to my question: is it possible to modify this event in the engine or something in order to add more pins, like scale or particle material?

I insist, the idea is to control the parameters of each individual particle spawn.
Thousands of particles are spawned this way, each one with different parameters.

Thank you anyway mate! I’ll post here if I find any solution to the problem.

Well as a quick work around, if its just that one particle, you could just scale the entire particle system when you spawn it instead of using an internal parameter.

Wait do all of these meshes belong to a single particle system? Yea might have to look into a different method.

It doesn’t seem that they have mesh particles set up in that way, but if they do then I don’t know of it… sorry, gl though.