How do I use an over lap trigger with a specific vr character mesh component

I have a light switch in my project which is designed to turn on and off some lights in a room using the motion controller mesh.

My motion controller is inside my VR character (as opposed to it being a separate spawned motion controller like in the template).

Is there a way for the trigger volume to get socket information from the hand skeletal mesh or in fact any other component inside my VR character?

Below you can see that I have 2 box collision volumes, one to trigger lights on, and other to trigger lights off.

Here is my character with the motion controllers and meshes. The skeletal mesh has a socket at the end of the index finger that i want the box collision to recognise and work out if it’s true or false if it’s overlapping it.

Also here is the blueprint setup. The FPP character has no issues at all, it’s just working out the VR part. I know my end result, I just have no idea to get the component I looking for on the box collision.

Any advice on the issue would be much appreciated!

Turns out i needed to generate overlap events on my components under the collision section in details panel.