How do I uptade Actor placed in level, from Custom Asset?

I have created custom asset type. And this asset can be placed in level as actor.

What I do right now is, hard referencing asset to actor like that:

UTODAsset* TodAsset = CastChecked<UTODAsset>(Asset);
GEditor->SetActorLabelUnique(NewActor, TodAsset->GetName());

ATODActor* TodActor = CastChecked<ATODActor>(NewActor);
TodActor->TODAsset = TodAsset;

In actor factory.

And then in actor OnConstruction I set various properties from asset.
But, to make any changes to actor in level, I have to change any of the actor properties to force refresh of it.

Question is can I update, actor in level automatically when I change anything on the asset ?