How do I trigger a video file to be played?

I have a level that collects points. I want to know if total score = 100 then play a video file that I created, doesn’t matter if its AVI or mpeg or wmv, I can create whatever format I need to, It can also be outside of the unreal engine, as long as it plays the video, even in windows media player. How do I do that?

Take a look at the media framework for the UE4 -> :slight_smile:
e.g you could add a video to a wall with a media texture material + in the end you just move the camera to that wall + play the video

Ok look at my blueprint towards the right, I have it print text to screen to say “true” I would like that to just be replaced with something to let me play a video. That link I’m not sure does that?


You’d need to create a variable that references your media texture, the variable type would be ‘Media Player’ , and then call ‘Play’ from the reference.

Yep it works with a media texture -> just take a look at the link that I posted. There they do it with an “overlap event” but you can do the same with your bp setup :slight_smile: -> or instead of placing it as a material, just add it in UMG (easier)

ok I’m lost, I tried my best to follow those instructions, and some references aren’t there like one section says to set my video to autoplay, that option isn’t there, then theres a section that says go to my Game/ArchVis/Materials…folder…I do not have that folder.

The documentation for that is outdated, there is no autoplay option anymore, see my thread regarding the documentation: