How do i tile a texture endlessly, while keeping its original size?

Ive made a little texture of a white square with a black border and a little bit of text that just reads “512px” so i can use it as a text material for anything i make, what i’d like to do is be able to slap that on an object and have it keep the original image size but tile endlessly and cover the whole object, so i can see what kind of scale ive got in game.

Ive been googling and search for some time now and ive found how to add a texCoord in the material editor which is fine, but it stretches or shrinks the material. If i turn on clamping on the texture it only renders 1 of the material and doesnt tile it

Ive been unable to find how to do anything like this to the specifications that im looking for, is it possible?

try the worldalignedtexture node. (need to convert your little texture to a texture object (rightclick on it > convert)
If you want to replace the texture in an instance you do need to select a “textureobjectparameter” and drag it in.

Perfect! This is exactly what i wanted :slight_smile:

Wasnt sure what you meant by converting it, then found i need to do it in the texture material itself.

This is what i ended up with and it worked perfectly