How do I texture a landscape made from a heightmap using its corresponding aerial map?

I have a 16-bit greyscale heightmap that represents a real-world location, and the corresponding aerial map of that location, both of which have a ratio of 9x11. In my Unreal Engine 4.11 project, I imported the heightmap and generated a landscape, but now I don’t know how to apply the texture. I tried giving the mesh a material using that texture, and using landscapecoords to make sure the material was only applying it as an XY texture, but even after I tried manually scaling it up to about the right size, it’s still a little messed up. Is there an easier, more accurate way to apply the texture to the landscape map?

Have a look at this project:

I think that is close to what you are trying to do.

Also, look at the recommended dimensions of your heightfield:

Try using dimensions for your heightfield that are NOT powers of two. Instead use numbers found in the above list. I find that if you don’t, you wind up with a flat border around the terrain.