How do I synchronize Distribution Floats between particle emitters in the same particle system?

I’ve got a particle system with two particle emitters. I want them to have a random spawn rate between 1 and 3, but I want them to always be the same random rate.

EG if Emitter A rolls a rate of 2, Emitter B should also be 2 for that moment, so that they’re both spawning particles at the same time.

How do I make modules between two emitters use the same random seed?

Make a ‘spawn rate’ user variable in the system, set both of the emitters to use that rate, then set the spawn rate from blueprint and you know they’re the same:

Whoa whoa! How do you even get that system overview UI?! I’m looking at a UI like this right now and I can’t find that overview in the Window menu.

Simple answer: user Niagara :slight_smile:

Seriously, don’t start making things in Cascade, they’re phasing it out…