How do I switch from one material to another gradually over time?

Instead of swapping materials why dont you change textures and parameters in same material by using a material instance dynamic?


So i would like to change to material on my static mesh but it just changes from one material to other. So i put a 4 delay to show you guys in those 4 seconds i would like textures to change from one to other but slowly like cooking toast , bread slowly changes into toast material.

Thanks in advance and Thank you for all your help.

Hey Andrew,

As mentioned, you probably want to use a Material Instance Dynamic for that. You can read up a bit on that here:

You can also see a working example in Blueprint Office project (available in Marketplace via Launcer). Open up BP_Butterfly Blueprint in that project, and in Construction Script you can see it change butterfly’s wing material with a MID.

Hope that helps!

Thanx once again

Did you ever get it to work? I’ve been trying to do same