How do I switch from one material to another gradually over time?

Instead of swapping materials why dont you change the textures and parameters in the same material by using a material instance dynamic?


So i would like to change to material on my static mesh but it just changes from the one material to the other. So i put a 4 delay to show you guys the in those 4 seconds i would like the textures to change from one to the other but slowly like cooking toast ,the bread slowly changes into the toast material.

Thanks in advance and Thank you Ben Halliday for all your help.

Hey Andrew,

As Jacky mentioned, you probably want to use a Material Instance Dynamic for that. You can read up a bit on that here:

You can also see a working example in the Blueprint Office project (available in the Marketplace via the Launcer). Open up the BP_Butterfly Blueprint in that project, and in the Construction Script you can see it change the butterfly’s wing material with a MID.

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday

Thanx once again

Did you ever get it to work? I’ve been trying to do the same