How do I swap from Teleport to Locomotion with a menu option?


I am currently finishing up a VR pawn using the UE4 HMD/Motion controller tutorials with additional functionality for locomotion and turning from other video tutorials. However, I would like to create a menu option that will allow the player to switch between teleport and locomotion based on their preferences. I saved the original Blueprints for the default teleport functionality in the VR pawn and was wondering how to proceed to complete the feature:

Am I able to use the same VR pawn and set up a trigger that will change movement types as needed


Do I need to set up two pawns, one with teleport and one with locomotion, and have them swap when the movement type is changed?

Hi tjrae1807,

I would recommend setting the motion controls in the one VR pawn. Creating more than one will make it more complicated. I would use a branch and a Boolean variable to switch between controller setups. This will allow you to set the option in a menu or with trigger boxes.

I’ve just started a YouTube channel all about VR and this is extremely high on my list for a tutorial so keep an eye on it. I’ll be using a widget interaction to switch between multiple types of motion.