How Do I stop my particle system from facing my player camera?

I want to create a particle system that make it look like water is being pushed from a surface. But the particle system always rotates to be facing me. How can I stop that from happening??

Setting screen alignment to PSA_Velocity should fix that.

When I set the screen alignment to PSA_velocity it dissapears? any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Can you post some screenshots of your particle system and its parameters please?

I’m not sure what pics you need. Here’ 3. The first with PAS_Square.
Then on two I tried Rectangle and it changed. and then on velocity it’salt text gone.

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Id be more than happy to post more pics now that I can. I just don’t know what you need to see.

Hmm, is your material set as TwoSided? Also try this with a new emitter and default material and see if it works. Then you can go step by step checking your presets to see what is breaking it.

Ok I setup the same thing with default material and i STILL get nothing with this setting. Any idea what else could cause that???

Can’t think of anything right now. Upload a particle system that does this if you like and i’ll check it out.

How can I upload just the particle system to you???

Crate a new particle system > recreate the behavior you are seeing > get the .uasset file from your project’s content folder in Windows and then upload it to dropbox or wherever you are using to share stuff online.

Excellent. It will be tomorrow. But i’ll have it to you. Thank you.
itll be a media fire link.

I’m having trouble location the exact file. Here tho.
In the starter content I’d you choose explosion the first module solod is what I’m using…I’m morphed it completely but I’ve noticed if I put JUST that module to PSA velocity it disappears.
Does that help???

Hey AttemptD -

I cannot completely tell but if you have no velocity applied to your Particle then PSA_Velocity will not show any sprites as it computes a zero for every sprite. If you are happy with the look of our system and it has no velocity then I would use the Orientation >> Lock Axis to keep the particle sprite facing a specific direction or only allowing it to rotate around one axis.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

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I’m still not getting it to ONLY be on top of the water…like…water ripples.
I don’t want it to move every from where it is and no matter what I do it’s always rotating in some way towards me. Adding velocity did bring it back into view so thank you. now if I can just get it to stay where I want without ANY rotating towards me. Ive tried locking to every axis i think. I just don’t understand.

Set the Screen Alignment to PSA_Square or Rectangular depending on if you need different X and Y values. Then Add a Lock Axis Module set to Z axis.

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Ahh!!! I was sooo close!! Thank you for clearing this up for me. :slight_smile:

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