How Do I Stop Moving Through Walls?

My current VR Pawn is able to move around/jump, but it’ll also run through walls and fall through the floor. I’ve added capsule collision as a component of the pawn, tweaked settings on the collision, messed with other stuff (all reverted now) and nothing works. Am I missing something very simple here?

what settings did you use for capsule collision? does your wall / floor meshes have collision as well?

Sounds like you need to enable collisions on the floors and walls still…
Go and edit your wall object and add a simple box collision.

I’ve added box collision to my floors and walls. Still running/falling through them.

Walls and floor do have collision.


Hey EastCoastLos i got the same issue as yours, did you succeed to fixed it or not ? If yes, can you tell me please ?

I had the same issue, as far as I can tell its the way its suppose to be out of the box. I got this plugin, which was able to give my vr camera collision.

Is it something along this you want to achieve? HTC Vive - Roomscale moving and collision experiments - YouTube

If it is, i’ll post my solution in some videos after newyear

You may need to look at the dropdown for the collision presets and make sure the collisions overlap/block for both the character and the wall. Look at the specifics in the collision category for both the wall and the VR pawn. You may also want to try enabling “Simulation generates hit events”…hope this helps!

Have u gotten this to work with vr? Just curious, because i tried that too and no matter what or how restrictive i set my collision, it does not prevent camera from moving into walls. Its like it doesnt respect normal collision and parenting rules.

Unfortunately I have not.

Was this solved? If yes, please post the solution.

Try clicking Sweep inside ADD ACTOR WORK OFFSET,

If I understand correctly, many years ago I implemented similar mechanics, the point was to count where the head collides with the object and move the pawn in the opposite direction.

A good example of implementation is Gorn, look at how the character’s collision with the walls is implemented there, although there it is due to the maximum distance of the character from the center of the location (probably). In the real physical world, you keep moving forward, but your character is moving backwards.