How do i stop AR objects from moving?

I am using the UE4 Handheld AR template. But when I spawn an actor in the world (on a picture I have identified) The object appears to follow the camera? How do I keep it fixed in one place?

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Hi All,
Sorry to bring back an old topic but I am having this issue as well and haven’t been able to find a fix.
I have created a new project sing the handheld AR template and have a nice little skeleton guy standing in my scene.
I have exported that to my android (pixel 4) phone and it works nicely the skeleton stands still on the floor and I can move around it and the model doesn’t move (this is great i just want to use my own mesh).
So I import my mesh, go into the blueprint “BP_Placeable” and then into the “BP_ProductAssetRef” and in the static Mesh section pick my new mesh, I then update the Plate Scale as well (its set at 400 now), compile and then save. I then load it to the phone.
I then launch the app on the phone and the select the floor and the model comes in.
Now this is where my issue starts: The model doesn’t seem to be locked to anything, Where as before i can move around and the model stays still now it floats around and follows my phone camera, I can look left and right and that is fine but if i want to move away from the model or zoom in it stays in the same position.

I have been looking online and the AR side of things for UE4.27 seems to be a bit slim so any help would be really appreciated.

I have made sure my “Lock to Hmd” is ticked.

EDIT: It after lots more trial and error it seems the scale of the object i was bring in was far to big for my space. I have made it a much more reasonable size and this seems to work as indented.
Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else and save them 4 or 5 hours in the future.