How do i split a string to start on new line?

How do i get a string to start on a new line on output, \n and
doesn’t work and i need it for C++ not ‘shift + enter’ in Blueprint

AFAIK there is no way to do it within the line. \n and /n dont work,
doesnt work.

I fixed my problem by using the shift + enter method in blueprint and sending that string to my code but as i was doing that i found that if i copied the BP node an pasted it in test i got this in between the lines " \r\ " i haven’t tried it but maybe that is the new \n.


UE4 has a macro called LINE_TERMINATOR, globally accessible.

You can use that where you’d normally use ‘\n’ to get the desired result



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Use to translate to a new line “\r”. Work with FText.