How do I spawn niagara particle(s) on triggered events, e.g. an OSC message, or button press?


I want to make it so that whenever an OSC message is received, I spawn one or more particles in a Niagara system. I was planning on at most using Blueprints for this, not C++ if I can avoid it.

I’ve found one way, by setting the probability to 0, and flipping it to 1 for a short while on receiving a message, but it’s not ideal, since it still needs to be at 1 for exactly one frame, or I will get either no particles triggered or too many, depending on how long I leave it flipped on to 1.

Is there a better way to achieve what I want, with more precision, so that each OSC message/keypress received is guaranteed to spawn n particles?

Thank you!

I’ve made some progress in my learning, and have come to the more explicit understanding that I need to map a “User Exposed” variable - float or bool - to an “Event Handler” which can spawn n variables in my particle system. Still unsure how those tow can be linked though.

When the variable changes it should somehow be interpreted as an event. Is that reasonable?

An RTFM link is definitely appreciated too :slight_smile: While experienced with graphics programming I am new to Unreal, so am not quite as good as I could be on finding information in the right places…

As a step sideways, I learned that I can spawn “projectiles” on events, but I would still love for each projectile to be part of a Niagara system rather than essentially re-invent it…

Bumping this:

Any tips on how I can control the triggering of each particle spawn individually?