How do I spawn an actor on bones?

I want to change wheels in game. I understand that I have to import the car model separate from the wheels then import 1 wheel and have the blueprint spawn and attach a wheel for every bone in an array. Issue is I have no idea how.

If you could elaborate or even dumb down even the basics for me, I think that would help lol but this is what I’ve done so far.

I’ve named and created the 4 bones on the car and imported a separate mesh of the wheel (I’m using 3DS Max for this btw). Next I was thinking of aligning the static wheel mesh to one of the bone’s but am confused as to how I’m suppose to use that single wheel to align with the other 3 bones. Also even if I were to align this first wheel, do I have to repeat this processes for each and every bone? And what do I do within UE4 to tell it to spawn 4 wheels from just a single mesh?

Lastly can you explain what you meant when you said “you can also take the Return Value of the spawned actor and attach it to the socket on the parent using the Get Socket Transform node.” How do you even get the return value of an actor.

Sorry if the questions seems pretty dumb, I’m completely new to this realm but thanks in advance!

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m assuming you know how to spawn, you just aren’t sure how to get the wheel to spawn in the right place?

The node is a little misleading in it’s naming but what you want is the “GetSocketTransform” node and put in the name of the bone you want the wheel to spawn on. You can also take the Return Value of the spawned actor and attach it to the socket on the parent using the Get Socket Transform node.

If this wasn’t quite what you were after let me know and I’ll try and go into more detail.

Ok so there’s a couple of things you can do for this and keep in mind that this is a simple overview of what you are talking about and does not take into account the actual systems of your game or whatever you are trying to make.

If you just want to add wheels to your vehicle you can do this in the blueprint.

By Dragging 4 copies of the wheel mesh onto the car mesh and attaching them to the appropriate sockets you have attached them and the wheel will take in the movement of the bone. Just be careful that the car and wheel’s collision profiles are not colliding with each other or you might get weird results. You can also set this mesh from blueprint if you want to change it.

Alternatively, what I was talking about was spawning wheels at run time. For that you need to create an actor blueprint with the wheel mesh.


Then you are able to spawn an actor from class in the car’s blueprint and attach it.

The transform is coming from the bones transform that will be specified under Socket name in the get Socket Transform node. If the transform doesn’t line up perfectly you can split it and modify accordingly.

Hopefully this at least gets you started with dealing with multiple component actors.