How do I setup to multiple cameras to do something like split-screen?

Isthere a way to render multiple camera at the same times and do something like splitscreen ?

I would also like one of the camera rendering only specific objects, is there any render layer system like unity where you can flag certain object and assign a specific camera to render them ?

I’ve seen the custom render depth option but couldn’t get anything out of it.

+1 on this.

There’s this post in the forums regarding splitscreen configurations, but the answers it presented were pretty inadequate, IMO.

I’d like to see solution for that too.


Old, but bump. Couldn’t find anywhere else solution. I would like to have two cameras in my character splitted. One half show one camera and second the seconds

Hello Hohel,

So what you will need to do is follow a few steps to enable splitscreen.

1.) Go to your project settings > Maps and Modes > Use Splitscreen

This only enables the use of splitscreen and does not draw it on your screen when you PIE or play in standalone

2.) You will need to go to your level blueprint and add a " Create Player " node. You will need to uncheck context sensitivity. Then add an “Event BeginPlay” node and plug that into the “Create Player” node.

3.) Compile and play.

You can change the vertical or horizontal orientation back in the project settings where you enabled the splitscreen.

Hello, you mentioned “uncheck context sensitivity” where can I find the check box

Open any blueprint, click with right mouse button, this window will open.

At the top you can see ‘context sensitive’. Unchek this and you will be able to see all command that unreal have, not only nodes that make sense with your BP

Splitscreen is kind of limited. I want the flexibility the cameras in Unity3D have with rendering depth only and having different rendering layers as well as choosing which objects are shown through the object layer. (Two different types of layers)

I would like to know if you have solved finally the problem?
Can you create 2 camera for one player and a split-scrren? because i am looking activelly for that.

Thanks a lot for your feedback,