How do I set view mode for runtime?


my idea is to build the evironments in UE, export them frame by frame using different channels (RGB, Normal, height) and use these toghether with max to save on rendering time per frame.
So thats the idea.

To tackle this I want to take high res screenshots of every frame of a matinee in different view modes.
Now my problems are the following:

How do a create a depth map of a scene?
How do I change the view mode for the runtime or during runtime.

Would love to get some help with this and some thoughts on UE4 for movies.

Thanks a lot

Heya, sounds like you need buffer visualization.

Hi antithing,

yes I do and no I don’t. I found out how to get a distance map of some kind using custom depth on every singe object in the scene which can be annoying but it got me the result nonetheles. But not ingame, that was still the default/Lit view.

I kept on searching for a solution to my problem and found that via the HighResScreenshot I can make UE4 give me 15 outputs for one frame ranging from a simple screen as PNG over normal of the scene to specualr and all that as EXRs. I now have a new problem. When using the command “HighResShot 1920x1080” it only outputs me a simple PNG screenshot.

And I still don’t know how to have something else then the Lit view mode ingame.

Thank you for your quick answer