How do I set up transparency in my leaf texture?

I have been working with leaves and trees in the material blueprints part of UE4. i have a nice looking tree with countless leave planes. My problem is the leaf texture I’m using has a black background…I know that somehow in the material BP you can get rid of that. I’m pretty sure I need to click on the main Node and change the setting to translucent, which I’ve done…But I have no idea where to go from there…
How exactly do I get rid of the background so only the leaves show up in the texture??

thanks again guys.

Take a look at this tutorial: ?v=SRTI0dCm0Qo (2:44)

It would be cool if you could call the material bp → material editor, otherwise it get a little bit confusing :wink:

That tutorial answered countless questions!
thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

It helped me too, thank you so much!