How do I set up Multiplayer clients on my network?


I have a multiplayer game which works when connecting via the localhost ip ( however if i try to connect by my external ip or network ip the client does not join the game and instead starts their own standalone game.

I noticed in the editor there is the following warning in the log which may have something to do with it:

LogSockets:Warning: Failed to create socket SessionSocket [Unreal]

Is there something I need to set up in order to allow remote clients to connect to my ip?

The way I currently use multiple machines with the multiplayer is by having one machine be the host/server:

“open MapNameHere?listen”

and then have another machine join through the LAN network connection

“open 192.168.0.xx” (taken from cmd.exe->ipconfig)

However, your network may have some security and therefore you will need to open a socket up to allow the Unreal network connection to be established.

LogSockets:Warning: Failed to create
socket SessionSocket [Unreal]

This is benign, and has been fixed in the latest build, so you can ignore that one :slight_smile:

If the exact same steps you are using work locally, I’m going to guess you may either have UDP port 7777 blocked and or you might need to have UDP port 7777 forwarded to the machine that is listening for connections if it is behind a router and the connecting clients are not on the same LAN.

So they can only join in on your network, it cant be someone across town?

You can connect from across town, sorry, didn’t mean to imply that you couldn’t.

Just replace the 192.168.0.xx with the machines public IP. If the hosting machine is behind a firewall, make sure you forward port 7777 UDP packets to that machine.