How do I set up a render target?

I’m new to UE4 and want to get one mesh to transfer its texture (projected) to another. I spoke to a programmer friend and he said that this method is called a render target.
How do I set this up and transfer the projected texture from one camera and rendered on another?
The aim is to have:

  • A 2d scroler with left/right controls that can be transferred to a cylinder with new movements.

You may find (the end of) this tutorial useful

  1. Create a Render Target asset in the content browser. I called mine CameraRender.
  2. Create some kind of object with a SceneCaptureComponent2D on it. Change the Texture Target to the new CameraRender asset. Point this object at something as if it were a camera.
  3. Create a Material with CameraRender as the texture. There will probably be an error that says “Sampler Type is Color, should be Linear Color”. Just click the texture on the left, and under Sampler Type change it to Linear Color.
  4. Now use that new material wherever you want, I used mine on a UMG Image widget.

The part that I had trouble understanding the first time, was that a Camera cannot render to a Render Target. But a SceneCaptureComponent2D can. The object in step 2 doesn’t even need a Camera in it, but it helps to move it around in the editor if there is a Camera component in it. There’s a working example with UMG inside the Content Examples project in the UMG level, section 3.1.

By “some kind of object” I’m guessing you mean an actor blueprint with a scene capture component… The only trouble is, I can’t get it to actually render anything to my render target. shrug keep clicking buttons until something appears, I guess.

Yes, That is what I did and it works