How do I set up a global rain particle effect?

I’m doodling in UE4 to learn the basics in advance of a game jam, and I’ve hit a snag in one of my environments. I need a nice global snow particle effect, and I need some help. I’ve attached an infinity blade snow particle effect to my player character and it looks pretty good… until I rotate the player. The snow tracks to the player’s movements in my third person game, and as such the direction of the snowfall changes when the player rotates.

I think I’m probably missing something stupid, but is there a way to lock the rotation so that the effect’s rotation remains constant while still attached to the player?

I’m relatively new to the engine so I may not be explaining myself well, but here’s a video demonstrating my problem:

Any thoughts on how to fix the rotation problem? Thank you so much in advance!


So you’ve put you particle as a component somewhere in the player BP?

Just attach the particle to a part of the character that does not rotate ( drag it in the component view ).

I’m not at a machine at the mo, but I assume the collision capsule remains static. Or you could put it higher in the hierarchy, before the character.