How do I set the window size and position in a multi-monitor setup?


I’m working on a project in UE4 that uses a multi-monitor setup, and my scene needs to render at 9600 x 1080 to span across 5 monitors that are placed side-by-side (each of which is Full-HD). As you might have guessed, I’ll need the window to be borderless. How can I achieve this please?

Did you find a solution to this Baxter?


I didn’t find a solution, but we decided to go with Unity in the end due to the fact that the project was already developed using Unity, and because of its multi-monitor support out-of-the-box.

However, if we did ever decide to jump over to UE4 in the future, I would look as using multiple windows instead; I think this may be possible to do using Slate and some C++ code.

You can probably do this by adding a DefaultGameUserSettings.ini file to your project’s Config directory (where DefaultEngine.ini lives)

Then add something like the following:


Hope that helps.