How do I set the base color of a new material?

Hey again, another probably really simple question, but I want to make a new material and kinda fiddle around with the nodes and settings and such, but first I want to set a base color for it, where do I do that? In the editor it shows the box with “Base Color” but clicking on it doesn’t do anything, what node do I drag in to give me control over the color?

Here is a screen shot.

Experimenting With Nodes photo UE4ScreenShot2_zpsmjpet93c.jpg


Look this tutorials. I think it help you.

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You can hold 3 and click and a color node will come up. :slight_smile: or drag in any texture and just plug it in.


You can set the color using a node called a Constant3Vector. Once you’ve added your Constant3Vector node you’ll need to convert it to a parameter (right click, convert to parameter).

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You’d think it would be more intuitive in a material editor. Thank you so much

Thank you! It would be nice for the color node to be part of the node list