How do I scale a texture In UE4?

Is it possible to scale a textures size in UE4? For example I could just change the UV maps size however when I am using so many different textures and static meshes it’s taking a very long time to do that process. Thanks any help would be great :slight_smile:

You can use the TextureCoordinate node to scale (tile) the texture.

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Thanks from me too

There is a better way in my opinion. You multiply a texture scale node with the texture co-ord node and plug it into the texture UV. There are good examples in the mountain landscape project (free on the thing.)

thanks it works 2017 4.18

Can you explain this in more detail? I can´t find the texture scale node.

I wish to add tiling/scale as a parameter to the material, and/or texture channel index as a parameter.

Ah, I got it now; just connecting the output of the TextureCoordinate node with a Multiply node, with a ScalarParameter connected to the multiply value.

See this, it shows how to do this.Unreal Engine | Create GIMP Scaling Material