How do I run an Unreal Application on a web server, and communicate with it using a web app?

Long story short,

I have a small video rendering application made with UE4 movie render queue. The requirement is to deploy it on a web server and using a user web app, I have to send specific data to the unreal application, so it can adjusted camera positions, post processing effects based on data received. and finally render the output video and send back to user web app.

Is this sort of task visible? or is there any better way of doing this? if so, is there any tools in unreal which helps to make this process much easier? I don’t have much experience in web communication stuff.

if someone have suggestions or ideas about this, please let me know. Thank you :slight_smile:

The other alternative would be to develop the desktop app with Electron and use blob to send the video data(i seen a tuto from web dev simplified working on an OBS app) so should be feasible, now the issue is for the camera position and post effect which seem to be more work on just using javascript and am not sure if Electron do have these features.

If you still wanna use ue4, you can use VaRest plugin that can communicate btw client-server using json so that you can transfer text setting such as cam position but for sending plain video data is the big issue, you will have to research on something like raw blob data using c++ and then from your web app accept/read that data.

Or just a mixture of both, with the ue4 app, when you receive all the video setting and then save the video called A. You can then run a desktop electron app that would play that video file A and stream the video to a user IP.

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@Arodi007 thank you for the suggestion. Yes I need to use UE4, but you have given me some good ides about how to approach this problem. again, thank you so much for your input! very valuable!

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so how this is relevant to the question?

Check out the latest Unreal video discussing the development of 4.27
4.27 will support containers, such as docker, on cloud systems.
It will also have support for more server-side usage.

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thanks @scottunreal I haven’t watched it yet :slight_smile: but now i’m going to! I just started my project with UE4’s remote control system seems like i can combine it with new features from UE 4.27