How do I remove tile effect from materials on landscape?

Is there any way i can remove the tile looking effect from my landscape materials while using “layer landscape blend”?

i tried Lerp but it doesnt seem to remove the tiles properly

You will always get tiling to some degree. However you can reduce how much its seen by using micro tiling technique. A good example can be found in the starter content with the grass material. Open that material and you should get a good idea of how it works. Even copy the code to your material and get it working with your own materials.

Yes i observed the default grass texture, it has a numerous amount of nodes in it, the problem is i want to place different materials on my landscape without having a tile look on them, if i copy and paste the same default grass nodes i cant link them to the “lanscape layer blend” node, which allows me to use different materials on the landscape.

I personally have used the textures from the grass material and used them on most of the different textures. In my case i used material functions, then hook them up to the layer blend so it is a lot more tidier. Do you know about material functions? They are a single node that contains the material attributes. Drag it from your content browser into your main material. Hook each material function into a break material attributes, then into your different layer blends.