How do I remove meshes from foliage menu?

Yes pretty much. How do I do ? I’ve been experimenting and now I have some (to say at lest), meshes that I no longer need. They only clutter my list. How do I get rid of them ?
I don’t see any button to remove them, pressing delete on keyboard doesn’t work.

Hi Lukasz,

Thanks for your feedback. This is a known issue, and a request for a button that extends the toolbar has been made. For now, you can stretch the tab a bit when you need to remove meshes, as Mehmet suggested in his comment, and then decrease the size of the tab when you’re done. Hope that helps!


Ben Halliday

You need to stretch the foliage tab to the right a little bit in order to see the delete button.

Oh, you are right. Now my side bar take 1/3 on my screen 0_o.

Please fix that. I will leave that open, for now I’m curious if it is going to be fixed.