How do i recreate this night vision effect?

guys ive already setup the scene capture and the render target stuff so that it renders whatever it sees through, however I cant figure out how to create this sort of light thing that’s only visible on the camera and not to the player?

guys does anyone have any idea how this could be done? I’m out of ideas.

Edit: You only need to mask R after the scene depth node.

Since this is done before tone mapping, you don’t want to add static here. You’ll want to add it in another post process after tone mapping.


holy ■■■■, u actually went ahead and did this for me, thank u. but there is problem, where do I use this material? D:

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I tried using it in the post proccess section of the capture 2d component but it didn’t work.

Yeah, just noticed that. Fixed it by changing capture source in the scene capture to “Final Color (LDR) in RGB”.

sorry but it still doesnt work, this is where I’m supposed to choose it right?
Annotation 2021-09-07 091411

The circled things are all I changed in the scene capture:

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I’ve been messing around with the render target for hours, it just doesn’t work.
I can see the texture in the material outputting the right scene but whenever I apply the material to a mesh it just turns black and it’s not even related to the night vision material, the scene capture itself doesn’t work right.
could this be a bug in 4.27 or maybe it’s because of static lighting in the level?
i made a video on it if someone knows why the screen is turning black pls tell me.

Guys does anybody know why this is happening??

You need to plug it into emissive color, not base color, because it’s a screen.

yep that was it, but there still one more problem, the fake light makes everything black and white rather than the actual color. is there any fix for that?


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Remove the desaturation node.