How do I record facial animations using Faceware Unreal Plugin?


I successfully set up the Faceware and I was able to drive the skeletal mesh’s face in Play Mode(Alt+P).

I followed this guide to record facial input so I can use in cinematics. But I couldn’t get it working. After following the guide and successfully creating a sequence with an animation file, I saw the sequence doesn’t play the animation when I play it. Then I went ahead to play the animation file directly. It was not playing although it had information about the recording and the time slider was working but the mesh was broken.

Can someone tell me the steps I need to take to get this kind of recording working?

Hello, I met the same problem of morph recording but not faceware and am referring to faceware but it doesn’t work.
Did you solve this problem?

Unfortunately, no. And I stopped looking for a solution. I’m thinking, if I happen to buy the software, I’ll ask the customer service and they will hopefully provide a solution.