how do I prototype multiplayer?

Setting more than one player in editor results in distorted image in HMD and selecting to use dedicated server is not working as well.
How do you prototype multiplayer games with one pc and headset?

I am curious about this as well. Given performance requirements I image you will have to purchase a second vive and a second computer to test multiplayer.

For right now, we are creating the server on the VR machine via standard 2D Gizmos as in the multiplayer network demos. Then once you spawn in, we switch to stereo mode with the headset. For the VR player we spawn in a custom Pawn type, the other players join as standard player pawns.

We haven’t yet figured out how to make the non-VR player the server and have it all connect up right.

Also due to the need for launching the network game, we don’t ever do play in editor for the VR network, it is always l

Also wondering if anyone has some tips/tricks regarding this.
Found this post:
But at that point the iteration times are very slow, when just wanting to debug replication.

You can test a lot with the Dedicated server check box, what problems are you having?

I set up a first person Pawn that can join a game, I then start the game from two visual studio instances and make one the server and the other the client. My player controllers send an RPC on start up if its a VR player (-nohmd to prevent it being a VR player).

My game is all written in C++ so its pretty fast for iterating like this, I imagine it would be a lot harder to debug blueprints.

Tell the artists to work from home!

Once I check the dedicated server tick box (even with one player) the rendering in the hmd is messed up instead of rendering stereo eyes it renders a single view image across two screens as in half and half. As there is going to be a supposed spectator mode/separate view rendering for computer screen update with 4.13 I hope this issue might get resolved as well.
And yes my prototype is based on purely blueprint.